Implementation and Analysis of Public Policy


Answer the following three questions essay style in 3 pages for each.� The object is to be succinct and informative.� Let your work reflect your own understandings of the issues and concepts that have been presented in the readings and lectures.



Question 1


Discuss the importance of program evaluation as it relates to the successful implementation of public policy.


Question 2


Describe Mark Moore’s strategic triangle, and the functions of political management.� Contrast these concepts and management strategies with the EDA’s efforts in the City of Oakland, or any other example of program implementation you choose.


Question 3


Discuss Mary Parker Follett’s concept of power, including what she would see as the most effective and efficient use of power in implementing public policy.� Be sure and discuss the concept of “power over vs. power with.”




1) Jeffrey Pressman and Aaron Wildavsky,�Implementation,�3rd edition, Berkeley: University of California Press, 1984.


2)Mark Moore,�Creating Public Value: Strategic Management in Government,�Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1995, 10th printing, 2004.�


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