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Sample Paper Organizational Chart Assignment


Below is a Sample Organizational Chart Assignment:


Organizational Chart of Savory Delights


An organizational structure is the one which shows the hierarchy or levels of organization and it represents the designations held by the employees in the organization. Organizational structures can be represented in different ways. These structures can be horizontal or vertical. They can be with broad or narrow span of control. Each kind of the structure has its own advantages and disadvantages.


A tall or vertical organizational structure has many levels and it’s characterized by top to bottom approach of communication. This kind of hierarchy is bureaucratic in nature and can lack open communication amongst the employees.


A flat hierarchy is most preferred kind of organizational structure in today’s organizations. This kind of structure has fewer levels and is flat because the span of control is wide in such hierarchical representation. With lesser levels in the hierarchy communication flow is easy (Miles & Snow, 2003).


The organizational structure described above is of the marketing department of a food related organization. A food related industry has few characteristics that must be kept in consistence when employees are being given their responsibilities. The department being discussed is Marketing Department. A marketing department is concerned with the sales and promotion of the products being produced and manufactured by the organization. On the whole the job description of a manager of sales and marketing department would have the responsibilities such as building the image of the organization, build an effective marketing plan for the organization that can help the organization to achieve the profits it aims to earn. Apart from these, s/he would also be responsible to bring about innovation in the organization with constant research and development. An example can be given that the marketing manager can assign the task of innovative menus and customer choice bouquets can be assembled. Not only this, innovative packaging and attractive promotional deals can be brought about for the customers. These tasks will be subordinated to the supply chain department and branding and advertising department (Miles & Snow, 2003).


These departments will work hand in hand with the other departments too. However, their job is to focus on how to make the organization stand out against the others in competition. The branding and advertising department has the job of pricing the products and successfully creating a brand image of their products. They must work towards effective promotion of the food they are selling and they must also keep in mind the costs they are incurring for the purpose.


The supply chain department also comes under marketing because the marketing department will keep in continuous contact with the suppliers and would try to maintain the relationship with them.


A very important department named customer care and complaints would also be the part of marketing department as they want to promote their organization, they must be customer focused and they should also keep in mind that customers can have complaints and hence this department ahs to be present and must continuously working towards the satisfaction of the consumers and potential customers.


The department of quality control has a very important job. Under it is present the inspection of food and to ensure that all quality measures have been taken to cook and present the best quality food. The organization must be fully aware of all the inspection laws and quality control systems that would be implemented (Miles & Snow, 2003).


The communication department is the part of advertising department and it is present to create advertisements that would communicate the message of the organization to the employees. The advertisement must be made carefully and they should not have the hint of deceit in them.


The sales department would keep a check on on the sales that have been done in the organization and would make sure that the sales representatives would be performing their best to attract the customers and serving them with what the ask.


Organizational chart helps bring order in the organization and it shows the lines of communication and the delegation of authority that is present in an organization. Organization charts also display how the work is divided between the subordinates and their supervisors and how they work together to help bring about better results.


A good organizational chart will have decentralized decision making and it would also have an open door communication policy to govern its employees (Miles & Snow, 2003).




Miles R., & Snow C., (2003). Organizational Strategy, Structure, and Process (Stanford


Business Classics), USA: Stanford Business Books


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